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Welcome Evangelical Church - The church in Belfast, Ireland that Amy Carmichael founded.

The Dohnavur Fellowship - Created by Amy Carmichael to save and protect the babies of India, with whom Amy worked for fifty years of her life.

CLC Ministries - Impacting the world with Christian literature.

Millisle Baptist Church - Amy Carmichael's home fellowship.

Wikipedia - Amy Carmichael entry

Heroes of History - Amy Carmichael's entry

Facebook - Amy Carmichael's fan page

Books by Amy Carmichael:

1895 From Sunrise
1901 From the Fight
1901 Raisins
1903 Things As They Are
1906 Overweights of Joy
1908 Beginning of A Story
1909 Lotus Buds
1914 Continuation of a Story
1916 Walker of Tinnevelly
1917 Made in the Pans
1918 Ponnammal: Her Story
1920 From the Forest
1921 Dohnavur Songs
1922 Nor Scrip
1922 Ragland, Spiritual Pioneer
1923 Tables in the Wilderness
1924 The Valley of Vision
1924 Mimosa
1926 Raj
1928 The Widow of the Jewels
1929 Meal in a Barrel
1932 Gold Cord
1933 Rose from Brier
1934 Ploughed Under
1935 Gold by Moonlight
1936 Toward Jerusalem
1937 Windows
1938 If
1938 Figures of the True
1938 Pools and the Valley of Vision
1939 Kohila
1941 His Thoughts Said....His Father Said
1943 Though the Mountains Shake
1948 Before the Door Shuts
1950 This One Thing
1955 Edges of His Ways

Various Compilations:

1982 Candles in the Dark
1982 Thou Givest....they Gather
1986 Learning from God
1991 You are My Hiding Place
1992 Mountain Breezes
1993 Whispers of His Power
1996 A Very Present Help
1997 Godʼs Missionary (Revised Edition)
2007 Fragments That Remain

Some Books About Amy Carmichael:

Amy Carmichael: A Life Abandoned to God, by Sam Wellman
Amma: the life and Words of Amy Carmichael, by Elizabeth Skoglund
Follow My Leader, by Katherine Makower
Mother India, by Katherine Mayo
Amy Carmichael of Donhavur, by Frank Houghton
A Chance to Die: the life and legacy of Amy Carmichael, by Elizabeth Elliot
Amy Carmicahel (Women of Faith series), by Kathleen White
Amy Carmichael: a life abandoned to God (Heroes of the Faith series), by Sam Wellman
The Wild-Bird Child: A Life of Amy Carmichael, by Derick Bingham
Learning of God, by Stuart & Brenda Blanch
At BBC Corner I REmember Amy Carmichael, by Margaret Wilkinson

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