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Corrine has been songwriting for over twenty years. After growing up in Minnesota,singing in local bands and entering songwriting contests, she headed south to learn the craft in Nashville, co-writing with other talented musicians and writers and performing in venues like the Bluebird Cafe. After years of hard work, she launched her first independent project, Hand in Hand, before moving west to Montana.

Corrine met Ben Simpson, a Bozeman musician, and they started playing music together. First came love, then came marriage and as you might guess, soon after followed the baby carriage--twice. With the intensity a young family requires, Ben and Corrine laid down music development for a season, but have recently built a small studio in their home and with the help of some friends, they have just released Night lights on the Jasmine, a musical tribute to the poetry of Amy Carmichael.

Corrine's style is primarily acoustic folk rock, with hints of pop, country and even a little bluegrass, which has had a broad appeal ever since the early days of Joni Mitchell. Her voice is soothing and playful with innovative inflections, and you want to hum along. Her songs are diverse and unique, revealing the depth of her musical ability and of metaphor with memorable phrases like "You are the king of this wilderness and I am your lioness." You feel something authentic in the story behind the song. She is no poser. She writes what she knows.

Guitar and piano are her instruments of choice, but she is currently experimenting with a mandolin. She said writing songs on new instruments brings something fresh to the process. Ben's gifted and intuitive drumming add the perfect compliment to his wife's music. Susan Hill, Closer than Your SkinTogether they produce a synergy of sound you will not soon forget.

— Susan Hill, author of Closer than Your Skin

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